Tuesday October 21

We are completing lots of detailed analyses, including historic and lithic analysis of both the 2007 and 2008 materials. We now have five charcoal samples submitted in the past 2 weeks, including 3 from the stone circle site (’08) and two more from the ’07 yellowstone bank cache site. We have also submitted 30 obidian/dacite artifacts for XRF sourcing, all from the ’07 excavations. I will submit another 15-20 from the ’08 materials as well. Historic analysis is proceeding with a graduate student (David Dick) and undergrad (Katrina Johnson) researching dates of artifacts. Lester Maas is a graduate student writing the report of the 2008 field investigations. An undergraduate student–Meg Tracy–is completing illustrations of lithic artifacts from 07 and 08, while I am conducting detailed lithic analysis of both years stone artifacts as well. Mike LIvers is conducting background research on stone circles as part of his thesis research on the Airport Rings site. In general, we will have lots of great information from both year’s excavations. I gave a lecture to the Department of Anthropology here at UM and at the Great Basin Anthro Conference in Portland, Oregon, regarding some preliminary results of our work, while Ann Johnson presented a paper of our results at the Plains Conference in Laramie. All in all, lots of stuff going on in MYAP.

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