MYAP Spring 2011 Rejoice!

We have a lot going on in the MYAP, Spring, 2011. Mike Livers is finishing up our draft report of archaeological survey of the east shore of Yellowstone Lake. I just finished a draft of our northwest shore report, including results from several sites that provide data on the Archaic and Late Prehistoric periods. My draft SAA paper is done and will be presented in Sacramento on April 1. Jake Adams has finished his draft thesis on the Crescent Hill chert source and is co-authoring a paper with me at the SAA on that topic. He will defend his thesis in April, 2011. The geomorphology report by Marc Hendrix and Michael Hoffman of UM is now submitted to Yellowstone, as is Jannifer Gish’s archaeobotanical report. We are excited by the research results and look forward to disseminating our results. The University of Montana Department of Anthropology will publish Yellowstone Archaeology, Volume 1 in Fall, 2011, for our research in the Gardiner Basin, Montana, and Volume 2 on Yellowstone Lake will appear in 2012. We are also giving our research results in presentations around the west. Mike Livers and Steve Sheriff will give papers on Yellowstone research at the Montana Archaeological Society meeting in early April in Bozeman. Kristin Hare will give a paper at the Wyoming archaeological society meeting in Sheriden. Marc and Michael will give a paper on their geomorphology results at the regional GSA meeting in Logan, Utah. I’m giving a Montana Archaeology Month presentation on April 13 at 7:00 in the University Center at the University of Montana.  Finally, don’t forget that UM Missoula is hosting the Rocky Mountain Anthropology Conference in October; lots of MYAPpers will present papers on a variety of research. We look forward to seeing you at any and all of these venues.


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